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Sink Milanello Gun Metal workstation 1034 056

Milanello Workstation

1034 056

Sinks Milanello Workstation coloring gun metal, finish foster brushed, material aisi 304 stainless steel, processing pvd


2 x Black grid Milanello 8100 602
1 x Space Push automatic waste fitting 8407 120


Sink Milanello Gun Metal workstation 1034 056Gun MetalThe Gun Metal finish is obtained by treating steel with a physical process called PVD (Phisical Vacuum Deposition) which deposits particles of noble metals on the surface. The result is a unique and refined aesthetic effect, and an improvement of the mechanical properties of the steel which is more resistant to impact and scratches.
Sink Milanello Gun Metal workstation 1034 0562nd / 3rd hole availaibleThe sink can be customized with the execution on request of additional holes, usable for double-hole mixers, for remote controlled drains or for the installation of soap dispensers. The positions are marked on the drawings with dotted line holes.
Sink Milanello Gun Metal workstation 1034 056Automatic waste fitting
The waste-fitting with round remote knob is supplied; a practical accessory which makes it unnecessary to get wet in order to drain the water from the bowl. 
Sink Milanello Gun Metal workstation 1034 056Diamond-shape bottom
The draining of water is an important feature in a sink, and it’s always taken good care of in Foster products. In the bent-welded sinks, which would have a flat bottom, the proper draining is guaranteed by the elegant beveling, which helps the water flow.
Sink Milanello Gun Metal workstation 1034 056Double mixer holeThe large tap counter is already fitted with a series of 2 tap holes. In the second hole it is possible to install the remote control of the automatic drain or, alternatively, a practical soap dispenser.
Sink Milanello Gun Metal workstation 1034 056High thickness
1mm thick steel. A significant thickness, which guarantees the maximum sturdiness and durability. 
Sink Milanello Gun Metal workstation 1034 056Perimetral overflowThe overflow is always a security on the Foster sinks that prevents the overflow of water in case of oversights. The perimeter drain solution improves aesthetics thanks to its square and essential shape.
Sink Milanello Gun Metal workstation 1034 056Save space systemDrain and siphon are designed to leave as much space as possible in the under-sink area, more and more useful today for theseparate waste collection systems.
Sink Milanello Gun Metal workstation 1034 056Small radiusBowls with squared shapes with a modern design and an increased capacity, for a minimal aesthetics connected with an extreme practicity.
Sink Milanello Gun Metal workstation 1034 056Space waste fittingThe elegant SPACE steel cap closes the drain and leaves no visible residues collected in the basket below. Space also has a small footprint and allows the optimal use of the under-sink compartment.
Sink Milanello Gun Metal workstation 1034 056Triple recess - sliding accessoriesThe Foster Milano sink has an ingenious design that makes it simple to use a large set of optional accessories. On the topmost supporting step, the innovative Black grids slide, creating a large and practical surface to rinse food and crockery. The second step is meant to support and allow the sliding of a complete combination of accessories, which make some operations practical and safe: rinse, drain, slice, grate… everything can be done inside the sink. The third supporting step is on the bottom of the bowl. On this step one can rest the Black grids, making it possible to rinse foodstuffs without their coming in contact with the bottom of the sink, which may be dirty.


Code product1034056
ColoringGun Metal
FinishFoster brushedFind out more
MaterialAISI 304 stainless steelFind out more
ProcessingPVDFind out more
Base80 cm
Edge/Installation TypeFlush-mount | Top-mountFind out more
Dimensions806x520 mm
Standard fittingsFixing hooks, gasket, drain, overflow and siphon, boxed packing
Mixer holes2 standard holes - 3rd hole on request
Built-in holeView technical data sheet (for all Flush-mount / Top-mount models and Under-mount models)
Width81 cm
Bowl dimension750x374 mm
Number of bowls1 bowl
Waste fittingDrain with automatic control SPACE PUSH GUN METAL - PO

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