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pvd sinks

Range of stainless steel sinks with gold, copper and gunmetal PVD finish

PVD is an innovative technology that allows the deposition of a very fine and thin metal film on a product, in this case of stainless steel sinks.

PVD stands for physical vapor deposition. The process takes place inside a vacuum chamber where a precious metal, generally chromium, titanium or vanadium is evaporated and the particles are deposited on the product.

The main mechanical characteristics of Foster PVD products are; high superficial hardness, up 10 times more than regular stainless steel and high resistance to scratch and abrasion. Foster PVD is not just an aesthetic PVD but a technical PVD. The Foster PVD guarantees inalterability of the surface and coloring from UV rays and practically unbeatable corrosion resistance. The PVD sinks also resist better to salts, acids and aggressive detergent products present in the domestic environment.

All these performances are not at the expense of sustainability: the PVD Foster product remains a truly green product. Its manufacturing process is environmentally friendly because it releases no harmful by-products into the environment, while the end product is hypoallergenic and 100% suitable for use in contact with food.

Foster PVD products are offered in three colors: "Gun Metal, Gold and Copper" in two brushed and vintage finishes.

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Not all PVDs are the same, find out why the Foster PVD is different

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