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Custom design

Bespoke worktops

Tailor-made solutions have always been a distinctive feature of Foster. The worktops that are presented in the following pages are just a few examples of what we can realize by welding together a wide range of sinks and hobs, in order to obtain a sole integrated stainless worktop. Each custom made worktop is a unique artifact thanks to variations and combinations of different surface finishes, structural alternatives under the steel surface and a full range of built-in products.

Stainless steel craftsmen

The workforce at is highly specialised and crafts handmade stainless steel artefacts of very high technological and artistic value. The worktops are tailor-made according to the customer’s specifications, as per the best tradition of Made in Italy. Each solution is an individual statement which will remain unique as time goes by.


To choose Foster means to confide in a professional partner with long-lasting collaborations with the most prestigious kitchen brands in the world. These partnerships lead to the conception and construction of products also with the collaboration of world-class chefs and designers who recognize in Foster the leading specialist for their exclusive projects in stainless steel.


The stainless steel finish is the real trademark of Foster. A distinctive element which couples aesthetics and functionality, and underscores a continuous research for the best ergonomics and practicality of use. For this reason Foster has a whole department dedicated to finishes with a century of experience recommended the Spazzolato Foster® surface, the ideal compromise between abrasion resistance and easy cleaning.