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Bautek: stainless steel worktops

Bautek: stainless steel worktops
To choose Bautek means selecting a special partner, with more than 40 years' experience in the crafting of high-quality products for the kitchen environment. Advanced technologies and the precious handiwork that comes from long tradition are entwined at the heart of our creativity and are highly appreciated worldwide.

Stainless steel craftsmen
The workforce at Bautek is highly specialised and crafts handmade stainless steel artefacts of very high technological and artistic value. The worktops are tailor-made according to the customer's specifications, as per the best tradition of Made in Italy. Each solution is an individual statement which will remain unique as time goes by.

Haute couture
The tailor-made stainless steel worktops of Bautek are products in which the human factor is the real added value. A team of highly-skilled professionals controls the whole manufacturing process, from selecting the raw materials to the final check on the finished product. Each custom-made worktop is a unique artifact, as the kitchen which will "wear" it.

Style and technology
The custom-made stainless steel worktops are meant for people who love an up-to-date kitchen to live and inhabit each day. They can be modelled in sinuous or minimal shapes, cut to thick or thin profiles but they all take advantage of the noblest of materials, stainless steel, which through sophisticated technology is shaped to turn dreams into reality.

Synergy of steel between Bautek and Foster

Belonging to the Foster group is the first of a series of advantages that Bautek offers. Pre and after sales service are guaranteed by Foster's network in over 40 Countries in the world. Moreover, Bautek has the largest range of certified products which can be seamlessly integrated in the custom-made stainless steel worktops.

Bautek and Foster offer a full range of products in perfect harmony of design: washing, cooking and hood solutions with elegant aesthetic which blends art and functionality.