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The colours of steel

The colours of Foster’s stainless steel

Research and development are fundamental values ​​imprinted in Foster's DNA; these values ​​have led us to always find new solutions to give different shapes, colours and lustre to stainless steel.
Research has led us to research and develop new methods and techniques to enhance and give new life to stainless steel.

To enhance the stainless steel we have developed a particular brushing technique with vegetable fibre brushes that allow you to showcase the colour and shine of stainless steel.

To give personality to steel, we have consolidated and refined over the years a special technology to colour steel based on a special physical process called physical vapor deposition that enables us to give stainless steel three colour shades: gunmetal gray, Gold and Copper.

The process with which Foster brings colour to stainless steel is the result of a long research that has led to the creation of a special recipe, conferring our PVD steel an exceptional surface hardness, inalterability to UV rays, hypoallergenic characteristics and greater resistance to wear, and to the corrosion of the stainless steel itself.