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the best kitchen sinks made in Italy

The best kitchen sinks made in Italy

Handcrafted in Italy, our exceptional Foster line of commercial-grade Stainless Steel Sinks are best in class and synonymous with luxury kitchens
Foster sinks ensure quality and innovation in the design of each individual product that make them the best Italian design sinks

We design and manufacture our products to make them the best

The best stainless steel kitchen sinks are distinguished by their evolved aesthetic sense and absolute ergonomic design, the best Foster stainless steel kitchen sinks offer great functionality and wide range differentiation:
  • the best double bowl sinks in stainless steel,
  • the best single bowl stainless steel sinks,
  • the best sinks with or without stainless steel drip,
All the best steel sinks are available in different shapes and sizes.
The best Foster steel sinks are equipped with very large and capacious tanks, made of AISI 304 stainless steel and AISI 316 stainless steel, with different thicknesses.
The stainless steel of our best kitchen sinks is completely recyclable, corrosion resistant, unalterable over time and highly hygienic. In each kitchen sink Foster is designed for one or more holes for the tap, thus eliminating the need to make a hole in the kitchen top. Our stainless steel sinks can be customized on request with the double or triple hole, necessary for the addition of the remote control or, alternatively, of the practical soap or detergent dispenser.

The innovative "Too-full" device is available for all Foster stainless steel kitchen sinks and is a significant safety factor if taps are left open.
In addition to the stainless steel sinks, Foster also offers a complete range of mixers and functional accessories with an innovative design, and a wide range of complementary accessories to transform your stainless steel sink into a true multifunctional chef's workstation.
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