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Foster PVD is applicable to all the special finishes made in Foster

The Foster satin finish is obtained through a careful process of brushing using exclusive vegetal brushes specifically developed by Foster to obtain an extra-fine brushing, which is very elegant and functional, because of its very low rugosity, which makes it easier to clean. Adding the PVD finish to this highly polished surface renders it more precious, creating an exclusive and functional washing area. 

Satin finish

Satin finish
The Foster satin finish is a precious surface that features a seamless and uninterrupted, very fine grain on all the surface of your sink, tap or hob. This spectacular finish, coupled with PVD, makes your kitchen even more precious.


The Vintage finish confers a retro’ touch to the sinks and bowls, while offering a surface that doesn’t fear the everyday wear and tear. The asymmetrical brushing obtained by our skilled artisans mimics the signs of passing time and gives the sink a new and original appeal which, coupled with the PVD finish, endows your kitchen with a unique personality. 
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