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Physical Vapor Deposition

Foster PVD is the exclusive finish made in Foster obtained through a physical process, endowing stainless steel with special aesthetical features, and at the same time a resistance superior to that of any other treatment.
Foster PVD is a special finish (not an aesthetical one) that gives special features to a specifically selected steel; in particular, Foster PVD confers to stainless steel enhanced properties of: exceptional superficial hardness, resistance to abrasion and wear, resistance to corrosion and to solvents or foods with high acidity, insensitivity to UV rays, ecological compatibility. 
The process to obtain the Foster PVD finish is totally hypoallergenic.
PVD is an innovative technology that allows the deposition of a very fine and thin metal film on an artifact.
Foster has adopted this technology by applying it to its appliances, sinks but also to hobs and mixers.

PVD stands for phisical vapor deposition, or physical vapor deposition.
The process takes place inside a vacuum chamber where a precious metal, generally chromium, titanium or vanadium, is evaporated and the particles are deposited on the product that I intend to coat.

The process takes place because the chromium titanium particles have high kinetic energy and move within an electric field, a potential difference is in fact applied to the product to be coated; the process is physical, not chemical.
PVD technology has different applications and allows to obtain very high physical and mechanical characteristics according to the needs.
Forster has applied this technology combining it with its own needs and obtaining truly performing Foster PVD products.

The main mechanical characteristics of Forster PVD products are; high hardness, 10 times more than a stainless steel, high resistance to scratching and abrasion Forster PVD is not only an aesthetic PVD but it is a technical PVD.
Inalterability of the surface and of the color from UV rays, practically unbeatable resistance to corrosion.Resists to salts, acids and aggressive detergent products also present in the domestic environment.
All these performances are not at the expense of sustainability, the Foster PVD product remains a truly green product.
The process by which it is obtained is green as no harmful products are released for the environment, the final product is green as it is hypoallergenic and 100% suitable for food use.

Foster PVD products are offered in three colors: "Gun Metal, Gold and Copper" in two brushed and vintage finishes.
The brushed finish is a one-way finish obtained through the use of vegetable fibers.
The vintage finish is a multi-directional finish obtained in an artisanal way.
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