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PVD by Foster

Foster: the first to choose PVD

KE - PVD Gun MetalKE - PVD Gun Metal

Foster was the first company to enrich steel by coloring it and was immediately committed to finding a method that went beyond simple painting.

Foster's philosophy has always been to pursue the best results without compromise. This is why Foster has invested in research into PVD, a treatment that allows the material to be physically colored.

The first product made in 2016 in PVD Gun Metal finish was the KE undermount sink. An absolute novelty for the market that started a series of experiments: given the surprising performance and resistance of the finish, it was decided to extend the treatment also to gas hobs.

Foster PVD is unique, the result of years of experience and trials that have allowed us to refine an exclusive technique that can guarantee maximum color rendering and the highest resistance to surface abrasion.

For this reason, Foster guarantees a PVD that differs from the competition, capable of producing AISI 304 steel with the following characteristics:

  • Greater corrosion resistance
  • Increased surface hardness, hence greater resistance to scratching
  • Reduction of the surface friction coefficient: better water flow
  • Resistance to high temperatures


What makes Foster PVD different

The difference lies in the combination of the quality of the basic raw material, AISI 304 steel, and the choice of precious metals that, after undergoing the sublimation process (Physical Vapor Deposition), physically melt with the surface layer of the steel, creating a protective crust of golden, metallic or copper color, depending on the metal powders used.

In fact, Foster PVD Gun Metal, Gold and Copper colors stand out for their unique shades. Foster has chosen to apply the PVD treatment on AISI 304 Satin and Vintage steel finishes. The surfaces of Foster products are all treated with special brushes made entirely of vegetable fibers that smooth the material without scratching it in depth. This aspect is fundamental in order to obtain surfaces that are extremely shiny and guarantee greater hygiene.

The satin finish

The satin finish
Foster's satin finish represents the highest form of expression of steel. The satin finish made in Foster makes the entire surface of steel sinks and bowls continuous in every part, giving an unparalleled brilliance to steel, a unique and distinctive feature of Foster.

The vintage finish

The vintage finish
Foster Vintage is the exclusive finish made in Foster that gives an exclusive antique effect to Foster sinks and bowls. In this case, to obtain this special finish, brushing is done by hand in an artisanal way, a choice that Foster has made to obtain an even more unique and distinctive result.

Product range

For a complete and coordinated kitchen, Foster proposes the PVD finish in Gun Metal, Copper and Gold colours, for hobs, sinks and accessories such as drains, mixers, dispensers and built-in socket holders.
KE - PVD Gun MetalKE - PVD Gun Metal
KE - PVD GoldKE - PVD Gold
KE - PVD CopperKE - PVD Copper

Sinks, mixers and complements

HappyHour PVD Gun Metal | Omega PVD CopperHappyHour PVD Gun Metal | Omega PVD Copper
In order to best combine aesthetics and functionality, Foster offers both Milanello Workstation and KE bowls in PVD finish, both flush-mount and undermount. Moreover, the Gun Metal, Copper and Gold finish is also available for the new HappyHour, the multi-accessorised 1200 mm bowl.

For each type of PVD sink, it is possible to choose the respective mixer from the Skin Gun Metal or Omega models. The Space PVD drains can also be combined. Finally, for the Gun Metal finish, the sink can be combined with the Evo dispenser.

Built-in socket

Piano cottura a gas KE | Portaprese Reverse | Phantom BASE | Omega PlusPiano cottura a gas KE | Portaprese Reverse | Phantom BASE | Omega Plus
Designed to improve the operation in the kitchen, also the built-in sockets are offered by Foster in the three PVD finishes. This finish is available for the Reverse model, a socket holder composed of 2 Shuko sockets and 1 USB socket.


Milanello 3F PVD CopperMilanello 3F PVD Copper
Available in the three PVD colours, the gas hobs of Milanello and KE collections.
For a perfect harmony of colours and finishes, both the hob and the ignition knobs are subjected to the physical vapour deposition treatment.
Specifically, the treatment to which the knobs are subjected allows Gun Metal colouring to be obtained.
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