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Foster at hotel schools

Foster had the pleasure of joining the Pacinotti-Belmesseri Hotel Institute, participating in three days of "educational restaurant".


An experience for  students and for our company too.

Three training days, during which the students of the Pacinotti-Belmesseri Hospitality Institute had the opportunity to simulate a real restaurant activity, presenting two menus, one of meat and one seafood.

For the occasion, the students at the Hotel Institute, had the opportunity to use one of Foster's barbecue equipped with a double hot-plate for the separate but contemporary preparation of meat and fish.

During all the preparation phases of the menus, the students were guided and supervised by the professor and Chef Mario Giannarelli.


A mutual exchange

For Foster, participating in these three days meant being able to contribute to the training of students, who will enter the world of catering.

With a much higher level of involvement and participation than traditional practical exercises carried out only within the school, aspiring chefs were able to concretely "experience firsthand" the difficulties that could arise during the preparation of dishes; as well as using the knowledge acquired in the classroom.

It was therefore a pleasure for Foster to have been able to contribute to the professional enrichment of young aspiring chefs.

At the same time, however, this learning by doing experience has also allowed our company to acquire useful ideas for future projects.


We are Foster


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