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Phantom sinks Line

Foster Phantom

Foster Phantom
Foster Phantom is Foster’s innovative proposal to integrate stainless steel sinks into kitchen worktops of different material.

The collection of Foster Phantom products is available in the versions BASE and EDGE, which stand out for their elegance and functionality. 

The Foster Phantom line is designed for specialized professionals able to integrate these solutions into a kitchen worktop.

Phantom BASE

Phantom BASE
Phantom BASE is the new proposal of AISI304 sink’s bottoms which can be integrated in sinks made of slabs.

Foster’s solution couples the practicality of stainless steel to the advanced technology of solid-surface materials that are nowadays available for worktop manufacturing.

The Foster Phantom BASE solution makes it possible to couple stainless steel to any surface of choice for one’s kitchen worktop.

Phantom BASE installation


Phantom EDGE

Phantom EDGE

Phantom EDGE is the first stainless steel bowls’ system with total absence of edge. The lack of edge confers an exclusive design to the product, with no visible points of junction between worktop and bowl.

The bowl is integrated directly in the worktop; Phantom EDGE is available for coupling with worktops of 12 mm thickness.

It is possible to obtain custom-made models for different worktop’s thickness, with Minimum Order Quantity to be defined.

Phantom EDGE installation


Phantom Finishes

Phantom Finishes

Foster offers Phantom BASE and Phantom EDGE in the brushed stainless steel and PVD finishes (in Gun Metal, Copper and Gold). Moreover, for the Phantom EDGE collection, the Vintage PVD finish is also available, offering a finish that doesn’t fear the wear&tear of time.

Look at all the finishes of the steel sinks that can be integrated with different materials: Phantom line.

The PVD finishes confer to stainless steel an elegant and sophisticated colouring. They are obtained through a physical process, not a chemical one, which offers a resistance superior to any other material

Properties of PVD stainless steel

  • exceptional superficial hardness
  • more resistance to wear&tear and abrasion
  • more resistance to corrosion
  • insensitivity to UV rays
  • eco-compatibility
  • ipo-allergenic  
Find PVD

Customisation and…

Customisation and…

To add a personal touch, it is possible to obtain chromatic couplings of sink, waste-fitting and mixer tap to give a unique design effect to your kitchen..

The Phantom BASE solutions offer the possibility to optionally install waste-fitting and overflow of a different colour, also in PVD.

… functionality

As a complement to the Phantom BASE and Phantom EDGE, Foster proposes the captivating FL mixer tap, or the Omega one.

The Omega is available in chromed and PVD finish – in Copper, Gold and Gun Metal. The Phantom collection can be coupled with any tap of the Foster collection.

Finally, each bowl can be completed with a range of accessories in steel, iroko wood, crystal and HDPE, featuring nice design and great functionality; the ideal way to improve any operation in the kitchen.

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