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sinks without board

Sinks without edge

Phantom EDGE is the first stainless steel tub system without a rim, also known as a ghost rim.
The absence of a border gives an exclusive design in which the junction points between the worktop and the tub are not visible.

The rimless sinks offer the kitchen worktop an attractive design without dividing lines, the Foster range of rimless sinks adapts to different materials from composite materials to marble where we recommend the Phantom BASE version

Foster has created its own range of rimless sinks in AISI 304 stainless steel with generous thicknesses that ensure a guarantee of solidity over time.

The design possibilities of the Foster sink range are endless, in particular for sinks without rim, it is possible to combine countless finishes and combinations of drains and overflow plugs available in the finishes:
  • Satin Steel
  • Vintage brushed finish steel
  • Steel with PVD finish in Gun Metal, Gold and Copper colors
  • Steel with Vintage PVD finish in Gun Metal, Gold and Copper colors
The Foster range of rimless sinks with PVD finish is made with a special PVD treatment to give the steel superior resistance and color retention over time.