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Sink Phantom Base Copper - 5554 048

Phantom Base

5554 048

Kitchen Sinks Phantom Base, Coloring Copper, Finish PVD, Material AISI 304 stainless steel, Texture Satin
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Sink Phantom Base Copper - 5554 048CopperThe Copper finish is obtained by treating steel with a physical process called PVD (Phisical Vacuum Deposition) which deposits particles of noble metals on the surface. The result is a unique and refined aesthetic effect, and an improvement of the mechanical properties of the steel which is more resistant to impact and scratches.
Sink Phantom Base Copper - 5554 048PHANTOM BASE - 12 mmThe Phantom BASE sink’s bottoms are specifically engineered to be coupled with sinks made out of slabs. The perimetric trough makes for a simple and perfect installation. This version of Phantom BASE is meant for slabs of 12mm thickness. 
Sink Phantom Base Copper - 5554 048PHANTOM BASE WITHOUT WELDINGThe steel bottom Phantom BASE solves the problem of water draining of slab sinks, because the slope built into the moulded bottom ensures perfect draining. The radius and sloped profile of Phantom BASE guarantee great practicality and hygiene in everyday cleaning.
Sink Phantom Base Copper - 5554 048High thickness
1mm thick steel. A significant thickness, which guarantees the maximum sturdiness and durability. 
Sink Phantom Base Copper - 5554 048Small radiusBowls with squared shapes with a modern design and an increased capacity, for a minimal aesthetics connected with an extreme practicity.
Sink Phantom Base Copper - 5554 048Perimetral overflowThe overflow is always a security on the Foster sinks that prevents the overflow of water in case of oversights. The perimeter drain solution improves aesthetics thanks to its square and essential shape.Find out more


Code product5554048
ColoringCopperFind out more
FinishPVDFind out more
MaterialAISI 304 stainless steelFind out more
TextureSatinFind out more
Dimensions430x430 mm for 12 mm thick sheets
Standard fittingsDrain, Foster overflow and universal corrugated pipe (for installing different overflows), Boxed packing
Built-in hole View technical data sheet
Bowl dimension400x400mm
Number of bowls1 bowl
Waste fitting3,5" drain

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