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Milanello Gold Workstation.

Milanello Gold Workstation

Milanello Gold Workstation
The new Milanello Gold Workstation sink is the latest new entry of Foster, designed to give charm and elegance to your kitchen.

It can be installed flush with the worktop or above it, has two tap cut-outs: one for the automatic Space Push Gun Metal waste-fitting and one for the mixer tap. Although the choice of the latter is personal, Foster proposes the combination with Omega Gold.

The Foster PVD collection… GOLD

The Foster PVD collection… GOLD
The Foster PVD Gold collection was created to give your kitchen a brilliant touch of elegance.

The Foster PVD collection embodies all the experience of a traditional artisan company and the utmost precision of the industrial sector. The result is appliances that are characterized by a marked sensitivity to style and long-lasting quality.

The PVD Gold colour is obtained by a physical process, not a chemical one, during which particular metals are evaporated, whose deposition on the product gives it the Gold coloration.

Functional design

Functional design
The Milanello Gold Workstation is undoubtedly characterized by its gold colouring, but also by its functionality.

Thanks to the system of recessed rails on which the Black grids (supplied) can be slid, the Milanello Gold Workstation can be transformed from a sink into a practical work area.

This functionality is also made possible by the various optional accessories, with which it can be equipped: cutting boards in different materials (Iroko wood, HDPE, crystal); colander trays and dish drainer grids.

Finally, Foster has created Reverse Gold, the built-in stainless steel socket-holder in PDV Gold. With a single click, you can have two Schuko sockets and one UBS socket at hand. After using it, just turn Reverse and all the space on the worktop will be available again.

A sparkling touch to your kitchen

A sparkling touch to your kitchen
Milanello Gold Workstation can be installed in combination with the new generation cooker hob, KE Gold.

A hob whose aesthetics have been meticulously studied. In fact, the burners and knobs have been designed with a PVD Gun Metal finish, just like the Space Push Gun Metal waste-fitting.
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