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Gas hobs

Foster offers a wide and modern range of gas hobs, which are developed with technologies allowing to achieve high performance as well as high energy savings.
Foster gas hobs are equipped with high-efficiency burners that ensure 20% to 25% savings in gas consumption compared to traditional hobs.
Our gas hobs are equipped with the latest generation thermocouples that allow greater safety and an extremely quick ignition time. All our gas cooker hobs are equipped with safety valves which, in case of accidental shutdown, instantly cut-off the gas supply; in addition, the knob-operated electric ignition offers full freedom of movement allowing to ignite the flame with one hand.
All Foster gas hobs are equipped with cast iron grids, a material that offers high thermal capacity and high stability.
Foster gas hobs are also available in stainless steel versions with Gun Metal, Gold and Copper PVD treatment.


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