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Milanello 5F

Milanello 5F
The collection of Milanello 5F cooker hobs expands, with the arrival of the new gas hob with Gold finish.

The Milanello 5F hobs are equipped with flat burners with Precise Power - PP system.

Thanks to the 10 pre-set levels of the PP system, with Milanello 5F it is possible to regulate the flame in a very precise way, allowing a considerable energy saving.

The Milanello 5F hobs are equipped with one auxiliary burner, three semi-rapid burners and a double crown.


The uniqueness of the hob

The uniqueness of the hob
Unmistakably beautiful, the ultra-flat cast iron grids protrude only a few millimetres from the worktop to form a continuous surface, making it possible to move large pots and pans easily and safely.

To ensure a perfect match in the kitchen, the ultra-flat grids have been designed to recall the Black grids that equip the Milanello Workstation sinks.

The knobs also undergo a physical vapor deposition - PVD - treatment for a perfect harmony of colours and finishes.



Foster offers Milanello hobs in brushed stainless steel and PVD finishes in Gun Metal, Gold and Copper colours.

PVD treatment is an evolution of vacuum deposition processes, which allows obtaining thin metal films with innovative properties both from an aesthetic and technical point of view.

Characteristics that make this material a high quality product. In fact, the technical properties acquired make this material
- of extreme hardness
- extremely resistant to corrosion
- unalterable to light/UV rays.
- eco-friendly
- hypoallergenic

Discover PVD

Milanello 5F Gun Metal

Milanello 5F Gun Metal
Steel in a dark suit.
Elegant, sober and technological to enhance Foster design.

Milanello 5F Gun Metal cooktop can be matched with Milanello Gun Metal Workstation.


Milanello 5F Gold

Milanello 5F Gold
A timeless classic.
Precious, sophisticated, one of the highest expressions of Foster design.

Milanello 5F Gold cooktop can be combined with Milanello Gold Workstation sink.


Milanello 5F Copper

Milanello 5F Copper
Warm with retro overtones.
It gives steel charm and personality, in every combination.

Milanello Copper lends itself to be matched with the Milanello Workstation Copper sinks.



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