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Finalmente, your kitchen in your garden

Finally we have created an outdoor kitchen, a real outdoor kitchen that allows you to bring the home kitchen environment into the garden near a swimming pool or near the waters of a sea.
Our kitchen is on wheels and this allows you to really position it wherever you want.
The kitchen Finalmente it is equipped with a mobile and cushioned cover; sideways two foldable shelves can bring the length of the worktop to about three meters.
The two side shelves perform very regular and cushioned movements and are hooked to a very rigid structure with all electro-welded joints.
Finalmente's work plan includes a washing area welded to the top, a cooking zone that can be gas or electromagnetic induction and thanks to its depth a large back top area for glasses, plates, bottles and electric socket for the connection of home appliances.
The worktop has a unique feature: an aluminum support that gives it absolute flatness, lightness and total water repellency.
The Finalmente kitchen has three bases closed by three doors.
The first base houses a high energy efficiency refrigerator that can run without power for several hours.
The second base has several shelves for housing cutlery glasses, etc.
The third base contains the bins for the important separate collection.

The kitchen is also available in a gas version where the induction cooking is replaced by a gas cooking with very high energy efficiency for those who also need induction cooking is available Foster Ognidove hob which is a support induction.
Finalmente includes a version with barbecue, the traditional gas or induction cooking area is replaced by a professional barbecue, the doors are replaced by a living area with a bamboo shelf, that is highly water-repellent material, all the other features of the kitchen remain Finalmente.
The Finalmente kitchen has a very particular finish: a brushed finish obtained with vegetable fibers and is neither too glossy nor too opaque.
Too shiny would be sensitive to scratches while too dull would mean difficulty in cleaning.