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Ovens S4001

Foster series S4001

The new S4001 series is the evolution of the most technological and refined Foster collection. Ovens with a unique design, thanks to the elegant combination of satin steel with a finely bevelled crystal.Today with even more practical and rewarding programming.

Perfect alignment

The 60 cm high multifunctional oven and the 46 cm high specialized ovens have a perfect alignment of the handle and dashboards, thus lending themselves to any type of vertical or horizontal matching.

Selfcooking programming

All models have an intuitive and advanced programming system that allows to recall a large set of preset recipes and to store exclusive ones.

Heat probe

This unrivaled professional equipment allows perfect control of cooking. It is present in most of the ovens in our range.

Combi ovens

The compact microwave and steam ovens are all combined with convection cooking. The result is a rich and varied set of programs that allows preparations of all kinds.