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KE Induction: The new intelligent cooker hob with adaptive capacity.

KE Induction:  The new intelligent cooker hob with adaptive capacity.

KE INDUCTION is Foster’s new entry, an innovative cooker hob which can detect the pots’ presence and calculate their contact surface. Thanks to the Intelligent Pot Localization function and Pot Detector, KE INDUCTION recognizes the presence of the pot, calculates the contact surface, and automatically activates the power regulation command, granting an even more efficient power management, also thanks to the nine power settings. Once the pot is removed from the hob, the plate with disactivate automatically. Moreover, with the Bridge function it is possible to merge two plates into one cooking area, which is indispensable when using large pots or casseroles, for instance to cook fish or roast meat.
The hob is available in versions with six, five and two zones, and its technology can be enjoyed even with a 3kW home power mains. Indeed, with the PowerControl function it is possible to modify the maximum power absorption of the hob with just the touch of a finger, with a minimum setting of 2,8 kW.


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