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Sink with 2 bowls

Sink with 2 bowls of Foster

Sink with 2 bowls like all Foster products, it meets the highest quality standards. The refinement of the Sink with 2 bowls reflects Foster's values ​​and design choices in detail. Foster aims to create products and accessories that offer uncompromising quality.

Sink with 2 stainless steel tanks

The stainless steel sinks with two basins guarantee maximum hygiene and cleanliness, the Foster design department designs and develops sinks with 2 stainless steel basins, ensuring their products maximum ergonomics and resistance to abrasion and scratches.
Foster's stainless steel two-bowl sinks have always been among the most awarded steel sinks thanks to their distinctive design and the quality of the steels used.

2 Bowl Kitchen Sinks

Double bowl kitchen sinks are the ultimate style statement in your kitchen. With a double bowl sink in your kitchen, the eyes of your guests will be immediately drawn to your new, sparkling sink.
Of course, you don't just buy a sink to be a piece of art though; you buy it to use, and you expect it to last for years, if not generations. At Foster, we have a large array of stainless steel.
Double bowl sinks not only have an incredible presence in your kitchen, but they serve a very practical purpose as well. The extra full-sized bowl is perfect for food preparation and they are ideally suited for installing an environmentally friendly waste disposal unit. Many of our stainless steel and granite & composite double bowl sinks also have a drainer, so there’s still space for your dishes to dry.