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Stainless steel, an eco-sustainable material

A sustainable material

A sustainable material
Environmental sustainability is increasingly a key theme for a more responsible and careful orientation in the choice of materials.

Compared to other materials, stainless steel fits perfectly with the concept of sustainability thanks to its characteristics.
Stainless steel is completely recyclable, just think that each new stainless steel product is composed on average of 60% of recycled material of which a good part comes from processing waste and one from stainless steel products that have reached the end of their cycle. of life, the use of processing waste and finished products does not affect the quality of the product which, thanks to the properties of steel, remains exactly the same quality as a new product.

Constant quality

Unlike other recyclable materials such as plastic, stainless steel does not lose quality if made with recycled materials.

When stainless steel products reach the end of their useful life, over 80% of the stainless steel is collected and recycled, while for other materials such as plastic this does not happen, in fact not all the collected plastic is recycled.

The national consortium for the collection, recycling and recovery of plastic packaging highlights that 40% of the plastic that is commonly thrown into bins cannot be reused, in fact only 60% of the collected plastic is actually recycled
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