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Mixer Tap S1000 - Z65 8449 500


8449 500

Mixer Taps S1000 rotating angle 180°, strenghtening plate ø55mm, cartrigde cartridge with ceramic discs, mixer hole ø35mm
Mixer Taps

Aesthetics and Functionality

Foster offers a complete and varied collection of mixer taps both for their aesthetics and functional characteristics, and able to give added value to the wide range of sinks. The essential and modern design of squared proposals alternate with the more traditional models with soft and sinuous aesthetic.
Mixer Taps

Quality inmaterials

Foster mixer taps meet the strictest regulations. Certified materials with very low lead content and flexible ceramic cartridges tested at very high pressures provide high sturdiness, an always smooth and precise working and, most of all, full safety.
Mixer Taps

High Design

The remote controls and dispensers reproduce perfectly the design of mixer taps, creating sets of high aesthetic value.


Mixer Tap S1000 - Z65 8449 500Double jet (flow and rain)Several models are equipped with a switch to easily change the flow from continuous to shower.
Mixer Tap S1000 - Z65 8449 500Extractable headThe head of the tap is extractable, in order to easily reach any area of the sink.
Mixer Tap S1000 - Z65 8449 500Rotating angleAll the taps have a wide angle of rotation. Some models even permit a full 360° rotation.
Mixer Tap S1000 - Z65 8449 500Strenghtening plateFoster’s mixer taps are equipped with the strenghtening plate that offers perfect stability on any sink.


Code product8449500
Rotating angle180°
Strenghtening plateø55mm
CartrigdeCartridge with ceramic discs
Mixer holeø35mm
Max worktop thickness40mm
Mixer typeSingle lever mixer tap with rotating barrel and extractable shower head.

Technical data

Mixer Tap S1000 - Z65 8449 500


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