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Quality in everyday life

Quality in everyday life

Quality in everyday life
Research, style and beauty all in one sign, the Foster brand.

The desire to always find new solutions to improve the experience in the kitchen is the engine of our research, the reason for our satisfaction.

We have reached important milestones in the development of household appliances and every day, with the same enthusiasm, we share and develop ideas with the most important kitchen manufacturers in Italy and worldwide.

This is Foster philosophy: excellence in quality standards, great manufacturing craftsmanship in the processing of materials, ever innovative solutions interpreted with our signature style and taste.

Who we are

Who we are
Founded in 1973, Foster is an Italian company with four manufacturing plants, operating in more than 50 countries worldwide.

It is an integrated organization based in the historic Terranova Palace di Brescello, a small village known for the movies starring Don Camillo and Peppone and a symbol of the industriousness of the countryside of Northern Italy.


Terranova Palace is both the Headquarters and the expression of Foster love for art.

Foster established its headquarters here in 1988, after the restoration of the former 17th-century Franciscan convent.

The restoration brought back splendour to the prestigious frescoes and unveiled ancient historical artifacts. The Terranova Palace is a cultural heritage that the company presented to the local community in all its history, beauty and magnificence.

Foster has been among the first Italian companies to join projects for the safeguarding and protection of the environment, and the building is now under the protection of the Superintendence for Architectural and Landscape Heritage.
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