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Oven KE
Cooking programs
Code product
Stainless steel + glass
Satin Finish ANTI-TOUCH
220-240 V 50/60 Hz
Energy class
90x60 cm
Standard fittings
2 grids and 1 enamelled dripping pan
Cooking chamber finish
Easy Clean enamel
Independent oven's light
Number of door glasses
3 glasses
Electronic start-end cooking program
Type of cooling
Tangential ventilation
Grill resistance protection
Oven type
Multifunction oven
Type of commands
A energy classA energy class
A range totally in Class A ++, A + and A. An important result that proves the high quality, aimed at optimizing performance and savings.
XXL capacityXXL capacity
The cooking chamber has a volume of over 70 liters, much greater than that of standard ovens.
Anti-touch finishAnti-touch finish
The steel parts of the door, thanks to the special protection, are perfectly smooth and protected from fingerprints, while maintaining the elegance of the satin finish.
Full glass doorFull glass door
The inside of the oven door constitutes a single smooth glass surface making it practical for cleaning purposes.
Easy clean enamellingEasy clean enamelling
The Easy-Clean enamelling makes the internal oven surfaces and accessories non-adhesive, while the limited porosity ensures durability and easy cleaning.
Triple glassTriple glass
The door is equipped with a multiple glass door. This device ensures low temperatures of external surfaces and lower heat loss.
Tangential fanTangential fan
A special ventilation creates a flow of air between the cooking chamber and framework, thereby reducing the temperature of the external surfaces. As consequence, the oven does not expose furniture to temperature schock.
Cooking programs
Lower-level cookingLower-level cooking
Suitable for heating foodstuffs.
traditional cookingtraditional cooking
The ideal function for all traditional recipes, including bread, cakes and roasts.
Intensive cookingIntensive cooking
The upper and lower heating elements and the fan ensure rapid, uniform cooking. ideal for cooking pizzas, roasts, lasagne and savoury pies.
Ventilated cookingVentilated cooking
The combination of ventilation and circular heating elements allows for cooking different types of foodstuffs together, without mixing aromas and flavours.
To quickly gratin the surface of the food.
Double GrillDouble Grill
Heat is generated by the upper grill only: ideal for toasting, cooking au gratin and browning foodstuffs and also suitable for meat, fish and pasta.
Ventilated grillVentilated grill
The combined action of the fan and grill produces rapid and thorough cooking of thick foodstuffs.
Ventilated Cooking + Bottom CookingVentilated Cooking + Bottom Cooking
The harmony of two cooking types make an excellent program for the creation of an amazing pizza, of quiches or stuffed desserts.
ECO Ventilated CookingECO Ventilated Cooking
Program with low energy consumption, ideal for heating and for foods that need gentle and progressive cooking.

Oven KE

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