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FOSTER MILANO AIR induction hob

Foster Milano AIR… aspiring chef!

Power of fire and air. The perfect combination of a high-performance top and a powerful extractor hood, in an elegant and ergonomic design, perfectly integrated into the lines of the Foster Milano collection.

Foster Milano Air is an advanced induction hob, with a double bridge area of ​​7.3 kW and very spacious thanks to the suction grill shape. Six speeds and a flow rate of up to 750 mc / h are the guarantee of a powerful and effective suction in every situation.

The Foster Milano Air hob is perfectly coplanar, even in the intake area. All the space is therefore usable and the pots can slide on the top safely. The ergonomic shape of the grid allows easy access to the filters and the collection tank for cleaning operations.

The containment tank under the grid allows the collection of overflow liquids up to 1.5 liters.

The installation of the Foster Milano Air hob is simple and versatile. The geometries of the hood leave plenty of space under the top with the possibility of using two large drawers. The motor, which resides on the ground under the base of the cabinet, can be rotated to facilitate the flow of air in the most appropriate direction.