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The Skin Concept

Skin concept, the fusion of elements

Skin concept, the fusion of elements
A skin made of a seamless skin, a product with continuous surfaces that integrates separate elements into one entity.

SKIN is a new design point of view that translates intuition into a product with continuous surfaces that, declined in various finishes, through its aesthetics tells us a story, as only skin can do.

Overcoming the limits of technology

Overcoming the limits of technology
The architecture of the sink product is both simple and full of complex details.

The bending points, radii and necessary functional components such as the waste and overflow are independent bodies that break up the geometry and continuity of the surfaces.

Over the years, various solutions have been devised to reinvent these elements. The tendency has always been to seek maximum formal cleanliness by minimising holes and simplifying lines. Thus, the overflow plate becomes a distinctive element on which to engrave one's own logo, while caps try to make the drain hole disappear from view.

Foster has integrated these elements by physically joining them to the body of the bowl, creating a single product, without joints, which respects the continuity of the satin finish. Moreover, by eliminating the most critical points where dirt accumulates, the surface becomes even easier to clean.

Exclusive finishes made in Italy

Exclusive finishes made in Italy
The Foster SKIN range features the Spazzolato Foster Brushed finish, the characteristic brushing of stainless steel using special vegetable fibres that give the characteristic extra-fine satin finish, which is extremely elegant and functional. The reduced surface roughness of Foster Brushed finish favours ease of cleaning.

The Foster Brushed finish gives:
  • easier cleaning 
  • increased gloss that lasts over time

The Foster SKIN range is available in Foster PVD finish.

Foster PVD is NOT a coating, nor does it involve the use of chemicals. To obtain a Foster PVD, a strict and meticulous process must be followed to obtain a technical PVD that can withstand high temperatures and wear.

​​The Foster PVD finish for stainless steel enhances the look and strengthens the surface. The Foster Gun Metal, Gold and Copper colours will give your kitchen a one-of-a-kind, signature look.

The Foster PVD finish present on our 18/10 stainless steel sinks and hobs is a particular surface treatment that gives the sink original colors and shine as well as very high physical and mechanical characteristics such as:
  • Greater resistance to corrosion
  • Increased surface hardness, therefore greater scratch resistance
  • Reduction of the surface friction coefficient: a better water flow
  • High temperature resistance
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