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domestic blast chiller

Multifunction domestic blast chiller, available recessed or free-standing

Multifunction domestic blast chiller with professional solutions capable of enriching the domestic kitchen with new preparations.

The blast chiller is an indispensable machine in the professional field, the equivalent of the oven but for decreasing temperatures, but is still little known in the home.

The home freezer is suitable for storage, but not for freezing. The blast chiller, cooling in a limited time, instead allows a micro-crystallization that keeps the organoleptic characteristics of the food unaltered.

The Multifunction Blast chiller combines the high performance of a professional machine with a series of other functions designed for the home. A real help in the kitchen thanks to the many programs, related not only to food preservation, but also to preparations and cooking. Twelve functions with which positive blast chilling, freezing, sanitizing, controlled leavening, slow cooking at low temperatures, food regeneration, fast cooling of drinks, and much more are possible.

The FL blast chiller is simple and intuitive to use. Simple questions allow you to set all the parameters, even by inexperienced users.
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