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Beyond built-In

Beyond built-In
Ognidove is Foster's line of induction hobs, designed to be moved and used anywhere in the titchen, but also in the house or garden.

With Ognidove, Foster offers new induction cooker hobs with professional performance always at hand, ready for any occasion.

An Ognidove hob also becomes the easiest way to approach induction technology, which can be combined with your gas hob, without any intervention to your kitchen.


A "smart" hob

A "smart" hob
All the technology for greater safety in the kitchen.
Ognidove is the innovative induction glass-ceramic hob that detects the presence of pots and calculates their surface area of contact.

In fact, thanks to the Pot Detector function, ognidove induction hobs detect the presence of pots and calculate their surface area for power adjustment, allowing an even more efficient use of energy, thanks to the nine power settings.

Once the pots are removed from the hob, the plates are automatically deactivated.

So, there's no danger of forgetting 'the fire going' once the pot is removed.

Professional performance

Professional performance
For some models, the Bridge and T-chef function is also available.

With the Bridge function it is possible to turn two cooking zones into a single cooking area, which is indispensable when preparing food that requires larger pots, such as a fish bowl or a roasting pan, or when more than one cooking is needed at the same time, requiring maximum flexibility in positioning on the hob.

Foster has added the T-Chef function for those who love challenges in the kitchen or simply want to try more elaborate preparations.

The precise temperature control and the uniformity with which the heat is distributed on the bottom of the pot allow perfect results. Simply select the cooking zone, set the minimum power and your food can be "forgotten": it won't burn, it won't stick, and it will cook in the best possible way.

Thanks to the T-Chef function, preparing elaborate dishes will no longer be a problem, but a pleasant experience.


A decorative object

 A decorative object
Ognidove can be transformed into an integral piece of furniture thanks to its minimalist design and high-quality materials.

Ognidove is available in two high-quality finishes.

You can choose between the evergreen professional impact of brushed stainless steel or the purity of Corian Glacier White.
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