Who we are

Technology, Innovation, Quality, Design and Environment


We have created solutions

for kitchen environments.

Since the beginning we have created solutions for kitchen environments according to our criteria: high performance with attention to energy efficiency, ease of use enhanced by our design research and advanced technology as a result of our long experience.

This is the Foster philosophy which has inspired each of our products, for the last 40 years.
A value recognizable today in every product of our huge collection.

The group

Founded in 1973

Foster is an Italian company that operates in more than 50 countries worldwide. With four highly specialized manufacturing units, Foster is an integrated organization with headquarters in the historic “Terranova palace” in Brescello, a small village known for the movies starring Don Camillo and Peppone and symbol of the countryside of northern Italy.
We breathe passion for beautiful things, respect for the environment that surrounds us and a love for quality, hence our commitment to excellent service to meet the demands of a market increasingly sensitive to technological development and environmental protection.


Palazzo Terranova

The palace is not just a building, it is the expression of Foster’s love for art.
In 1988, after the renovations of the former 17th century Franciscan convent, Foster established its headquarters in the Terranova palace in Brescello.
The restoration renovated the splendour of the prestigious frescoes and unearthed ancient historical artifacts. The Terranova palace is a cultural heritage that the company presents to the community in all its glorious history, beauty and magnificence.
Foster was among the first Italian companies to join projects for environmental preservation and protection and the building is now under the protection of the “Monuments and Fine Art Office”.