Designer finishes

The exclusive finishes on Foster steels are the result of painstaking research, the aim being to achieve the perfect combination between good looks and functionality. A distinctive feature, a true trademark that makes our products stand out for the ease with which they can be cleaned.

Foster brushed finish
The steel is treated with special vegetable fibres that give it the characteristic extrafine satin finish that is highly elegant and functional. This makes the surfaces very smooth and easy to clean.

Microfoster® finish
A scratchproof finish with an exclusive, extrafine and almost imperceptible textured appearance that gives the steel a special shine and sets off the style to its best effect.

PVD finish
A new look for the classic, exclusive AISI 304 steel, thanks to the innovative PVD physical treatment (Physical Vapor Deposition). This allows the deposition of precious metals on steel surfaces, giving a unique look and greater resistance to scratches and wear.
Available in Gun Metal, Gold and Copper finish.

KE Gun Metal Sinks
KE Gold Sinks
KE Copper Sinks

Vintage finish
An artificially worn look, along with the convenience of a steel surface that is not afraid of scratches and nicks.
The asymmetric brushing obtained with traditional methods simulates the signs of aging and gives the steel a new and original appeal.

Vintage Sinks
Vintage cooker hobs
Vintage ovens

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