Built-in and beyond

Foster was the first sink manufacturer to have researched and used the new recessing methods and has thus acquired a great deal of experience. It now offers the most comprehensive range available on the market, with flush-mount, flat-edge and undermount installation.

Traditional built-in with the vertical, 8-mm edge.

The casing has a square edge that stands on the work surface by just 4 mm. Great solution to match the sink with the ceramic glass hobs (Induction).

An original edge, with an inclined, 3 mm high profile, matching an extreme elegance with the easiness of installation.

The product is sunk in 1 mm deep recess thus beeing perfectly flush with the worktop. As alternative, it can be installed on the worktop as well.

A classy and contemporary idea, to be installed under the worktop; available in various types of sinks, with soft or square design.

Almost the whole range of Foster sinks can be integrated into stainless steel worktops; it is the most elegant and professional solution, that creates a seamless worksurface.

Flush-mount & Flat-edge: a clarification to be done

Many manufacturers indicate as Flat-edge a Flush-mount edge mounted on the worktop.

For Foster Flat-edge means a real alternative built-in solution with an elegant 3 mm sloping edge.

In any case, Foster’s Flush-mount models can be mounted on the worktop (as in the detail in the picture), thus offering a further built-in solution.

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