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Steam oven 60x46 cm - 2 - 35 Lt

Code: 7103 680


Product Details

Oven type Steam oven
Dimensions 60x46 cm
Volume 35 Lt
Door finishing White glass
Number of cooking programs 2
Cooking programs
allows for thawing foodstuffs in one-third of the normal time through uniform distribution of the air at ambient temperature.
steam cooking
steam cooking
indicated not only for cooking vegetables, but also meat, rice and other foods, generally using glass cooking or using vacuum technology. keep all the properties of food.
Command Type Touch Control
Programming Self Cooking electronic programming
Number of door glasses Two-glazed door
Type of cooling Tangential Fan
Safety Door look
Power Supply 220-240V 50-60Hz
Contenitore acqua 1,2 Litri
Tipologia funzionamento Boiler esterno - immissione controllata vapore in camera di cottura 40-100 °C