Induction Hob


Induction Hob Ognidove

Codice: 5025 445
slider control: precise and intuitive touch commands
The Slider control allows for extremely quick temperature setting: with a light touch of the finger you may select the desired power level on the TOUCH display.
t-chef: a great help for professional results.
It's a function that allows to set particular temperatures (42 °C, 70 °C, 84 °C) and keep them constant during cooking. Elaborate preparations can be easily obtained, with chef-like results. Cooking in a bain-marie, without the aid of a double container for the water, custard or cream sauce will thus always be perfect. By setting the temperature close to boiling, liquids will immediately reach the requested temperature, increasing speed and performance.
complete safety: a state-of-the-art hob on safety.
All electric cooker hobs feature the most modern and sophisticated safety protections: Centralised power-off function; Child-proof safety lock; Residual heat warning lights. Induction models feature the following functions: Safety System that turn off the hob in the absence of the pot; Overflow detector that automatically turns off the plate in case of liquid overflow; Automatic deactivation to prevent accidents caused by forgetfulness.


Product Details

Materiali e finitura Black / Stainless steel
Bordo Installazione Freestanding
Elementi riscaldanti Two zones
Tipo di Comandi Comandi touch control - SLIDER
Settaggi 9 settaggi di potenza per zona
Dimensioni 380x520 mm
Foro d'incasso 360x490 mm
Potenza totale 2.800 W
Superiore 1.400 W
Inferiore 1.400 W
Alimentazione 230V - 50.60 Hz