"Where it is not!"



We have a cooker hob for all occasions

With ognidove, induction cooking has been set free.
A range of cooker hobs is being born, which is conceived to be moved and used in any point of the kitchen, but also in other rooms. A cooker hob with professional performances, always at hand, ready for any occasion.


A diffused way of... cooking

Consider how often a cooker hob is needed… where it is not! On the table, to maintain the proper temperature of food during a dinner; on the terrace, not to perfume the whole house with one’s delicious frying; to cook some dishes at leisure with one’s friends, in a special location where one wants to organize a party, but there’s no kitchen! ognidove likes to travel, and will move willingly from one’s kitchen every time it is needed, exactly as the personal gear of a famous Chef.


And a precious piece of furniture

ognidove is intelligent even when not used, and it helps to find more room in the kitchen, one of the most difficult tasks in every home. Put away on a shelf, it becomes an intriguing piece of furniture, thanks to its essential design and the precious materials it is made of. Therefore, a ognidove cooker hob becomes the easiest way to approach induction cooking, by coupling it with an already existing gas hob without any modification to the kitchen cabinets.

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The built-in oven become Free

…and superimposable. On the wings of freedom also the oven finds its own new dimension.
The ognidove ovens are pure design objects and appliances with high performance: steam oven, combi-microwave and coffee maker that can be positioned freely in your kitchen environment, and more.

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