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Vacuum drawer FL 2981 600


2981 600

Ovens and Coordinated Products FL supply 220-240v 50-60hz, drawer opening push opening on guides (max 44 cm) with open drawer block, sealing bar 260 mm - double phase and three welding levels, cover in tempered glass with safety treatment
Ovens and Coordinated Products

The oven becomes asystem

Foster ovens are not just cooking tools, but real modular systems of perfectly coordinated machines, to meet every need of cooking and even storage.
Ovens and Coordinated Products

Advanced technology

Foster ovens contain the most advanced technology to achieve excellent results and simplify life in the kitchen. A unique range for completeness of solutions and measures to satisfy even the most demanding palates.
Ovens and Coordinated Products

Vacuum drawer

The professional vacuum at home. An indispensable tool that will change your way of storing and cooking forever.


Vacuum drawer FL 2981 60099,9% vacuumFoster’s vacuum is based on the “chamber” technology, the same used in professional appliances, which guarantees a very powerful vacuum (99,9%), which is not comparable with the appliances based on external suction (about 80%), usually used in household machines.
Vacuum drawer FL 2981 600Chamber vacuumAn important characteristic of a chamber-type Vacuum Drawer is that they can also vacuum liquids. All your preparations can then be treated to prolong their conservation.
Vacuum drawer FL 2981 600Chef sous vide functionThe Chef Sous-Vide function “massages” the food and facilitates the absorption of seasonings and perfumes. In a few minutes, the appliance replicates processes which usually take a long time, like marinade, meat seasoning or infusion.
Vacuum drawer FL 2981 600Double-phase sealing
Vacuum drawer FL 2981 600Kit for vacuum containersAir extraction can also take place from external containers. The set of containers proposed as an accessory is among the few suitable for a level of professional vacuum. It is very useful to put food sensitive to crushing under vacuum.


Code product2981600
Supply220-240V 50-60Hz
Drawer openingPush opening on guides (max 44 cm) with open drawer block
Sealing bar260 mm - Double phase and Three welding levels
Coverin tempered glass with safety treatment
ControlsSensor for minimum vacuum level guaranteed
Dimensions60x14 cm
Max bag size25x35 cm
Cycle durationca. 1 '- variable as a function of temp. and food moisture
Empty levelsThree levels of extraction (empty up to 99.9%)
Material/Finishblack mirror glass
Max absorbed power230 W
Oven typeVacuum drawer
Type of commandsTouch Control
Bathin stainless steel AISI 304 - volume 6.5 lt

Technical data

Vacuum drawer FL 2981 600


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