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Sink Triplo Invaso 1490 060

Triplo Invaso

1490 060

Sinks Triplo Invaso base 90 cm, edge/installation type q4 (4 mm edge), dimensions 860x520 mm, standard fittings fixing hooks, gasket, drain, overflow and siphon, boxed packing

Sinks of high value

For every type of sink Foster works with above average steel thickness when compared to other manufacturers. As a result, also owing to our long experience, we are able to construct “sturdy” sinks displaying a unique design.

Designer finishes

The exclusive finishes on Foster steels are the result of painstaking research, the aim being to achieve the perfect combination between good looks and functionality. A distinctive feature, a true trademark that makes our products stand out for the ease with which they can be cleaned.

Built-in and beyond

Foster was the first sink manufacturer to engage in new systems of insertion and has thus acquired a great deal of experience. It now offers the most comprehensive range available on the market, with flush-mount, flat-edge and undermount installation.


Sink Triplo Invaso 1490 06052 cm deepThe sink has larger dimensions: all the necessary space for a great practicality of use. The size matches perfectly with that of the S4000 cooktops.
Sink Triplo Invaso 1490 060Automatic waste fitting
Sink Triplo Invaso 1490 060Deep bowls
Sink Triplo Invaso 1490 060Double mixer holeThe large tap counter is already fitted with a series of 2 tap holes. In the second hole it is possible to install the remote control of the automatic drain or, alternatively, a practical soap dispenser.
Sink Triplo Invaso 1490 060High thickness
Sink Triplo Invaso 1490 060Perimetral overflowThe overflow is always a security on the Foster sinks that prevents the overflow of water in case of oversights. The perimeter drain solution improves aesthetics thanks to its square and essential shape.
Sink Triplo Invaso 1490 060Small radius
Sink Triplo Invaso 1490 060Space waste fittingThe elegant SPACE steel cap closes the drain and leaves no visible residues collected in the basket below. Space also has a small footprint and allows the optimal use of the under-sink compartment.
Sink Triplo Invaso 1490 060three-step systemProfessional in all: in size and practicality. The "triple overflow" is a concept that allows the use of sliding accessories in a modular and versatile way.


Code product1490060
Base90 cm
Edge/Installation TypeQ4 (4 mm Edge)
Dimensions860x520 mm
Standard fittingsfixing hooks, gasket, drain, overflow and siphon, boxed packing
Mixer holes2 standard holes
Built-in hole840x500 mm
Width86 cm
Material/FinishFoster-brushed finish AISI 304 stainless steel
Bowl dimension710x400mm
Number of bowls1 bowl
Waste fittingDrain with automatic control SPACE

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