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The ceiling hood

Hood with perimeter suction system

Hood with perimeter suction system

The ceiling hood is a type of hood that was created to combine functionality with aesthetics.
Particularly suitable for environments that combine the kitchen and living area, the ceiling hood not only collects and captures cooking fumes and vapours directly in the ceiling, but also provides a complete ventilation system to improve air quality.

The filtering element is concealed by inserts and suction is through the perimeter slots.

Solutions with a simple and clean design, whose installation flush with the ceiling leaves the view in your living room unobstructed.

Foster offers two main solutions for ceiling-mounted hoods: hood with integrated lighting and hood with perimeter suction system without lighting.

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Modular and Modular Trio

Modular and Modular Trio
The Modular perimeter suction ceiling system with integrated LED lighting, is designed to be the main lighting of the kitchen; it offers natural and comfortable light with high brightness and efficiency and guarantees considerable energy savings.

Two versions of this type of hood are available: Modular Control & Subordinate and Modular TRIO.

The first type allows a more customised installation. In fact, the user can install up to four total suction units: the Modular Control and up to 3 Subordinates.
The composition is free on the ceiling, although the minimum/maximum distance (30/70 cm) between the Control and the Subordinates must be respected, while there are no distance constraints between the individual Modular Subordinates,

Each module is equipped with low consumption LED lighting. If more lighting is required, the Modular can be combined with the Modular Light ceiling light.

Modular Trio, on the other hand, is the ceiling hood with integrated lighting, consisting of a central ceiling light and two suction modules placed on the sides.
For those who wish, the Modular Trio hood can be used as the Control model of a composition of Modular hoods and can therefore be put in series with two Modular Subordinate hoods.

This collection is made of satin-finished steel with glass parts that refine its appearance while concealing its more technical heart.


With Breeze it is possible to enjoy the advantages of perimeter suction and a LED lighting system, with its two light sources positioned on the sides of the structure.

This hood model stands out from the other ceiling-mounted types because of its minimal overall dimensions. In fact, this ceiling system requires very little space.
A gap of less than 20 cm between ceiling and false ceiling is sufficient.

Another distinguishing point is the colour temperature selector. Thanks to the remote control with which Breeze is equipped, it is possible to change the temperature of the light at any time, thus being able to choose between warm, natural or cold light.

Foster offers Breeze in two versions: stainless steel and white painted stainless steel.

New Sky

New Sky
New Sky is the perimeter suction system without lighting, available in the White (white painted steel) or Inox version.

The strong point of this cooker hood is its Brushless motor, which allows high air flow rates with reduced energy consumption and an almost infinite duration.



The ceiling hood is a type of appliance that is often installed in kitchens where the hob is located on the central island or peninsula of the kitchen.

For correct installation, it is advisable to take the measurements of the kitchen and the hob. In order for the hood to perform its task effectively, it must have a suction capacity that is adequate for the size of the room in which it is installed and have a width that is equal to or greater than that of the hob.
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