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Refrigerator 2038 000Advanced fast freezeThese functions are available on models with digital programing; they respectively allow the freezing and quick cooling of large quantities of food.
Refrigerator 2038 000Fresh zoneThe special Fresh Zone drawer is an ideal storage area for fresh food, be it meat or fruit and vegetables, significantly increasing their period of preservation. The ventilation of the refrigerator compartment is channelled directly into the drawer, thus maintaining a temperature lower than that one in the rest of refrigerator.
Refrigerator 2038 000Humidity controlThe spacious drawer in the bottom area is specifically thought for fruit and vegetables. It preserves the necessary humidity so that the fresh produce can maintain their original amount of water, weight and fragrance.
Refrigerator 2038 000Personal systemThis system constantly checks the way the appliance is used, with the goal to maintain the optimal temperature regardless of how often the door is opened. Indeed, when the door is opened, the temperature suddenly rises, which causes a thermal shock to the food which can reduce its shelf-life. The system will foresee the moments of more intense use, and will anticipate the necessary cycles to keep the temperature as constant as possible.
Refrigerator 2038 000Ventilated refrigeratorThe ventilation of the refrigerator area allows a perfect homogeneity of cooling and improves the preservation of food, ensuring that it remains longer fresh. The system also avoids the formation of odours and condensation on the walls, without changing the internal humidity which prevents the food, especially the fresh ones, from drying in a short time.


Code product2038000
Supply220-230V - 50Hz
AlarmsDouble alarm: door open / temperature
Total gross capacity305Lt
Refrigerator net capacity301Lt
Climate classSN/T (tropical +10°C/+43°C)
Energy classA++
Annual energy consumption113kWh
Dimensions540x1755x560 mm
DoorReversible - std hinges on the right
Noise level37dB(A)
Control typeElectronic control with LED display
Fridge typesingle-door built-in refrigerator
Type Built-in single-door refrigerator

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