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Rangetop and Top inox

Original environments

The perfect combination of new technologies with Foster’s renowned craft tradition. The fusion of a compact, practical and hygienic worktop with the most performing hob.
Rangetop and Top inox

Details of style

The side gables have a unique design with a beveled edge, and clearly divide the cooking area from the kitchen counter, while the knobs placed on the inclined panel are extremely ergonomic and far from the flame.
Rangetop and Top inox

Customized achievements

A single material, many different looks thanks to a range of proposals that ranges from the classic satin, the new rough and opaque treatments and the retro touch of the Vintage finish.


Rangetop S4000 Induction 3165 000Double powerboostTwo further levels of power up to 3700 W, to be used on a single zone or distributed over the entire Bridge extended area (where available).
Rangetop S4000 Induction 3165 000End-of-cooking programmingAll operations are programmed by means of the touch-control on the glass itself. Each cooking plate is capable of independent programming, and thus the possibility to set different cooking times.
Rangetop S4000 Induction 3165 000Pot detectorAll induction cooker hobs detect the pot resting on them, but they also calculate the area they cover. This system allows the energy to be used even more efficiently. Moreover, the plates switch off automatically when the pot is removed.
Rangetop S4000 Induction 3165 000SafetyAll electric cooker hobs feature the most modern and sophisticated safety protections: Centralised power-off function; Child-proof safety lock; Residual heat warning lights. Induction models feature the following functions: Safety System that turn off the hob in the absence of the pot; Overflow detector that automatically turns off the plate in case of liquid overflow; Automatic deactivation to prevent accidents caused by forgetfulness.
Rangetop S4000 Induction 3165 000Smart fan systemCorrect ventilation is essential for the induction hob to function in the best possible way. The Foster system automatically regulates the amount of ventilation to suit the temperatures reached.
Rangetop S4000 Induction 3165 000TimerIndipendent timer from the end-of-cooking function.


Code product3165000
Supplysingle-phase: 230 V; 1P + N; two-phase 400 V; 2P + N; 50.60 Hz
Dimensions1200x650 mm
Heating elementfour zones
Built-in hole560x480 mm
Material/FinishBlac Ceramic glass
Total power7.400 W
LeftØ 210 mm-2.050 (2.500)* (3.700)** W
Centre-leftØ 210 mm-2.050 (2.500)* (3.700)** W
Centre-rightØ 180 mm-1.850 (2.300)* (3.000)** W
RightØ 180 mm-1.850 (2.300)* (3.000)** W
Power settings9 power settings per zone + double Powerboost
SafetySafety equipment
TypeInduction Hob
Type of commandsTouch Control

Technical data

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