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Lavastoviglie Foster Milano 2930 000

Foster Milano

2930 000

Dishwasher Foster Milano supply 220-240v 50-60hz, energy class a+++, water consumption 9.5lt/cycle, energy consumption 0,86kwh/cycle

High performance with respect to the environment

Low consumption of energy and water, respect for the quality of life at home and impeccable performance. The Foster range offers dishwashers up to class A +++ and water consumption up to 8 liters, a significant saving that is accompanied by excellent performance.

Solutions for every kitchen

The range of Foster solutions is able to cover all washing requirements, from the practical and robust 12-place setting of Elettra model, to the sophisticated programs and equipment of the top model of the 16-seater Foster Milano range. Stainless steel panels are also available for a professional touch of your kitchen.

Advanced and flexible solutions

Foster dishwashers are full of solutions to make everything easier. Among the many programs and the half load option it is always possible to find the perfect washing cycle for your needs.


Lavastoviglie Foster Milano 2930 00016 place-setting capacityThanks to a careful design the dishwasher has a top-of-the-range capacity of 16 place-setting.
Lavastoviglie Foster Milano 2930 000A+++The new dishwashers offers the best energy efficiency and water saving, with a need of only 9 litres per cycle.
Lavastoviglie Foster Milano 2930 000Acquastop safetyThe system stops the water supply and prevents leaks and overflows at source.
Lavastoviglie Foster Milano 2930 000Adjustable basketThe upper basket is simple to adjust in height, even when fully loaded. This allows better space management according to washing needs.
Lavastoviglie Foster Milano 2930 000AutoThe dishwasher is equipped with a water cleaning sensor to optimize time and water consumption.
Lavastoviglie Foster Milano 2930 000Delayed programmingIt is possible to program a delayed start of the dishwasher, and thus to optimize the energy consumption during the day.
Lavastoviglie Foster Milano 2930 000Extra rapidWhen you’re in a hurry, this function reduces the programs’ duration, down to the 15’ of the rapid program.
Lavastoviglie Foster Milano 2930 000Perfect dry functionThe drying cycle is improved by the automatic opening of the door at the cycle’s end, so as to vent the residual steam.
Lavastoviglie Foster Milano 2930 000Slider system doorThe door panel can be up to 75 cm high, thanks to the connecting system equipped with slider, which slides it upwards when opening. This eliminates the need for a cut-out in the plinth.
Lavastoviglie Foster Milano 2930 000Tabs "all in one"This option guarantees perfect results with all kinds of detergent. Once it is activated, the washing cycle is adapted to the practical all-in-one tabs instead of the regular detergent.
Lavastoviglie Foster Milano 2930 000Third level for cutleryThe third upper basket, meant for cutlery, is extremely practical and increases the available space up to 13 place-settings.
Lavastoviglie Foster Milano 2930 000Total hygiene functionA program for those who have above-average needs in terms of hygiene; it increases the washing and drying temperatures.
Lavastoviglie Foster Milano 2930 000Water savingFoster pays particular attention to a valuable resource such as water. The icon appears next to models with a consumption of less than 10 liters per cycle.


Code product2930000
Supply220-240V 50-60Hz
Energy classA+++
Water consumption9.5Lt/cycle
Energy consumption0,86kwh/cycle
Drying EfficiencyA
Washing EfficiencyA
Door panel dimension limitsthickness 18-20 mm
height 660 750 mm
Number of levels3
Number of programs5
Delayed programming1 - 24 h
ProgrammingElectronics - touch controls
Height adjustment0 - 50 mm
Frontal adjustment of rear feet0-50, 0-70 mm
Noise level45 dB (A) in sound powerdB (A)

Technical data

Lavastoviglie Foster Milano 2930 000


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