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Cooker hob KE Line 7606 032


7606 032

Cooker hobs KE supply 220-240 v; 50.60 hz, edge/installation type flat edge, dimensions 1050x440 mm, heating element four burners


Cooker hob KE Line 7606 032Cast iron gridsCast-iron is the ideal material for an hob grid, this due to the manifold properties characterising it: high heat capacity that improves cooking performance; high weight and stability that improve safety; sturdiness that preserves the hob’s original aspect over time; easy cleaning.
Cooker hob KE Line 7606 032Iii series burnersIII ^ series burners: 20% gas savings. They guarantee an efficiency well above the European standards. Furthermore, the improved combustion of gas allows the development of higher powers. From the point of view of safety, the blocking system between the cover and the flame-spreader guarantees perfect positioning and greater ease of cleaning.
Cooker hob KE Line 7606 032Safe cookingAll Foster cooker hobs are equipped with safety valves. They shut off the gas supply very quickly if the flame accidentally goes out.
Cooker hob KE Line 7606 032Special burnersMany Foster hobs are equipped with special burners, with two or three rings of fire that greatly increase the power delivered and the heated surface. In the DUAL models the two fire crowns also have independent ignition, making these burners perfect for both intensive and delicate cooking.
Cooker hob KE Line 7606 032Under-knob ignitionThe utmost freedom of movement with electronic under-knob ignition, a common feature of all models that allows a one-hand ignition of the burner.


Code product7606032
Supply220-240 V; 50.60 Hz
Edge/Installation TypeFlat Edge
Dimensions1050x440 mm
Heating elementFour burners
Built-in hole1030x420 mm
GridsCast iron grids and enamelled burner covers
Material/Finishstainless steel AISI - brushed trim
Total power9.650 W
Auxiliary1.100 W
Semirapid1.750 W
Rapid3.000 W
Triple crown3.800 W
SafetySafety valve with quick-acting thermocouple
IgnitionElectric ignition under knob
Gas typeTested for installation with natural gas, LPG nozzle set included.
TypeGas Hob

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