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Hood Breeze inox 2537 001


2537 001

Hoods Breeze material stainless steel, texture satin, energy class a+, ceiling – false ceiling distance min 200 mm - max 280 mm


Hood Breeze inox 2537 001360° swiveling motorSwiveling motors are flexible systems that allow an easy installation, in any situation.
Hood Breeze inox 2537 001Auto delayed shutdownAll the models with electronic interface can be programmed to turn off the suction at a postponed moment, so as to prolong the aeration of the room even after the cooking has been completed.
Hood Breeze inox 2537 001Four-position swiveling motorFour-exit motors are flexible systems that allow an easy installation, in any situation
Hood Breeze inox 2537 001Led colour temperature selectorThe color temperature of the Breeze hood can be changed according to the environment in which it is inserted, so you can choose among a warm, natural or cold light.
Hood Breeze inox 2537 001Minimum overallFoster ceiling-mount ventilation systems require little space. The icon appears next to models that require less than 20 cm between the concrete ceiling and the countertop.
Hood Breeze inox 2537 001Perimetric aspirationThe perimeter suction is a feature common to many Foster hoods. The filters are hidden by steel- or crystal plates and the suction occurs along their perimeter. This has aesthetic advantages but also functional ones: the cleaning is easier, the suction power and noise-level are improved. The depression which occurs in the perimeter area facilitates in fact the suction of the particles composing the fumes.
Hood Breeze inox 2537 001Remote controlThe ceiling suction systems and the Maya hoods are equipped with a remote control to easily activate all their functions from any position.


Code product2537001
MaterialStainless steel
TextureSatinFind out more
Energy classA+
Ceiling – false ceiling distancemin 200 mm - max 280 mm
Full descriptionBreeze Inox - ceiling suction hood
Grease filters3 grease filtres
OperationSuction hood (filtering modality not available)
Cut out473x970 mm
Air exhaust hole230x80 mm
LightingIlluminazione 2 LED strip (2.700/4.000/5.500 kelvin)
Motors360° rotatable
Air flow rate930mc/h
Motor power85W
Motors typeSilence Plus
Hood typeCeiling suction hood
Type of commandsRemote control
Suction speed4 operating speeds
Notes:Fume exhaust ducts must have an internal diameter not lower than 120 mm

Technical data

Hood Breeze inox 2537 001


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