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Much more than just a kitchen

The Foster freestanding functional units are highly sartorial objects, which create by themselves an original kitchen concept: unstructured, functional, unique. Timeless jewels to be coupled to any kind of furniture.

Handcrafted stainless steel

High performance, selected materials, precious finishing, classy details. The new freestanding collection holds them all, thanks to a cuttingedge technology that adds to Foster’s great craftsmanship in steelwork.

Fire power

The Foster range-tops transform your kitchen into a high-performance work-centre. Uncommon features and oversized dimensions characterize both the range-tops and the ovens, granting absolute practicality in any situation.
Blocco lavaggio free-standing in acciaio inox AISI 304 spazzolato
Dimensioni: 1200 x 650 x h 910 cm

Vasca 73x50 cm / h 20 cm con piletta automatica Space con tappo inox;
banco attrezzato posteriore inclinato con zona di scolo per piatti e bicchieri, vaschetta inox e portabottiglie.
Due cassettoni con chiusura ammortizzata; piedini regolabili a scomparsa.


Code product7161000
Block typeWashing centre

Technical data

Freestanding washing station - 7161 000


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