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FL 7104 120


7104 120

Ovens and Coordinated Products FL supply 220-240v 50-60hz, dimensions 60x46 cm, cooking chamber finish easy clean enamel, material/finish white glass
Ovens and Coordinated Products

The oven becomes asystem

Foster ovens are not just cooking tools, but real modular systems of perfectly coordinated machines, to meet every need of cooking and even storage.
Ovens and Coordinated Products

Advanced technology

Foster ovens contain the most advanced technology to achieve excellent results and simplify life in the kitchen. A unique range for completeness of solutions and measures to satisfy even the most demanding palates.
Ovens and Coordinated Products

Vacuum drawer

The professional vacuum at home. An indispensable tool that will change your way of storing and cooking forever.


FL 7104 120Automatic thawingIt is possible to defrost not only setting the time but also alternatively the type and weight of the food.
FL 7104 120Full glass doorThe inside of the oven door constitutes a single smooth glass surface making it practical for cleaning purposes.
FL 7104 120Self cookingAn intuitive and advanced programming system that allows to recall a wide set of preset recipes and to memorize exclusive ones.
FL 7104 120Stop-sol glass finishThe special screening and mirroring treatment of external glass gives the oven an elegant and modern aesthetic. The oven remains dark when not in use, once the illumination is switched on the inside is perfectly visible.
FL 7104 120Tangential fanA special ventilation creates a flow of air between the cooking chamber and framework, thereby reducing the temperature of the external surfaces. As consequence, the oven does not expose furniture to temperature schock.

Cooking programs

FL 7104 120double grill + fanFor the final stages of cooking of foods such as roasts and poultry, to give the surfaces the right browning.
FL 7104 120grillTo quickly gratin the surface of the food.
FL 7104 120microwave + fanThe movement of air generated by the fan ensures better homogeneity of micro cooking.
FL 7104 120microwave + grillA combined cooking method that is ideal for lasagne, potatoes, roasts and pies.
FL 7104 120microwave cookingIdeal for cooking or rapidly heating vegetables, rice, fish, meat and liquids. different power levels are available.
FL 7104 120ventilated cookingThe combination of ventilation and circular heating elements allows for cooking different types of foodstuffs together, without mixing aromas and flavours.


Code product7104120
Supply220-240V 50-60Hz
Dimensions60x46 cm
Cooking chamber finishEasy Clean enamel
Material/FinishWhite glass
Number of door glasses2 glasses
Turntableø 32 cm can be deactivated
Power absorbed by the microwave1000 W (6 livelli potenza) + Grill 1000 W
ProgrammingElectronic self-cooking programming
Type of coolingTangential ventilation
SafetyDisplay Lock
Timeradjustable 0-90 min.
Oven typeCombi-microwave oven
Type of commandsTouch Control

Technical data

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