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Much more than just a kitchen

The Foster freestanding functional units are highly sartorial objects, which create by themselves an original kitchen concept: unstructured, functional, unique. Timeless jewels to be coupled to any kind of furniture.

Handcrafted stainless steel

High performance, selected materials, precious finishing, classy details. The new freestanding collection holds them all, thanks to a cuttingedge technology that adds to Foster’s great craftsmanship in steelwork.

Fire power

The Foster range-tops transform your kitchen into a high-performance work-centre. Uncommon features and oversized dimensions characterize both the range-tops and the ovens, granting absolute practicality in any situation.
Cucina free-standing in acciaio inox AISI 304 spazzolato
Dimensioni: 900 x 650 x h 910 cm Alzatina posteriore 20 mm; piedini regolabili a scomparsa.

Blocco cottura a gas con 4 fuochi
Manopole in acciaio inox satinato su banco frontale inclinato ergonomico.
Griglie in ghisa e coprispartifiamma smaltati; Accensione elettrica; Valvolatura di sicurezza con termocoppia ad intervento rapido.
Potenza tot. 9.950 W
ausiliario: 1.000 W; semirapido: 1.750 W; rapido: 3.000 W; dual: 4.200 W

Forno multifunzione 70x60 cm
Volume 75 litri
8 funzioni di cottura,
Programmazione elettronica di inizio-fine cottura
Raffreddamento con ventilazione tangenziale
2 Guide telescopiche, Porta: 3 vetri
Cristallo StopSol, Smaltatura Easy Clean
Luce forno indipendente
Classe energetica: C
Alimentazione: 220-240 V 50 Hz

Dotazioni di serie:
Piano cottura: Elemento portawok in ghisa;
Forno: 2 Griglie inox; Teglia con smaltatura EasyClean

Cooking programs

Blocco cottura freestanding - 7162 000
Blocco cottura freestanding - 7162 000double grill + fanFor the final stages of cooking of foods such as roasts and poultry, to give the surfaces the right browning.
Blocco cottura freestanding - 7162 000grillTo quickly gratin the surface of the food.
Blocco cottura freestanding - 7162 000Intensive cookingThe upper and lower heating elements and the fan ensure rapid, uniform cooking. ideal for cooking pizzas, roasts, lasagne and savoury pies.
Blocco cottura freestanding - 7162 000Lower-level cookingSuitable for heating foodstuffs.
Blocco cottura freestanding - 7162 000traditional cookingThe ideal function for all traditional recipes, including bread, cakes and roasts.
Blocco cottura freestanding - 7162 000Upper-level cookingSuitable for cooking particularly delicate foodstuffs and for keeping them warm after cooking.
Blocco cottura freestanding - 7162 000ventilated cookingThe combination of ventilation and circular heating elements allows for cooking different types of foodstuffs together, without mixing aromas and flavours.


Code product7162000
Full descriptionFreestanding cooking block in stainless steel 900 - 4 burners + MF oven 70 cm
GridsCast iron grids and enamelled burner covers
Total power9.950 W
- Auxiliary1.000 W
- Semirapid1.750 W
- Rapid3.000 W
- Dual4.200 W
Block typeBloquear cocción a gas
IgnitionElectric ignition under knob
Gas typeTested for installation with natural gas, LPG nozzle set included.
TypeGas Hob

Technical data

Blocco cottura freestanding - 7162 000


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