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Cooking programs
Technical data

Cooking programs

Blast chiller SKIN 2980 601Temperature dropping to +3°cIt reduces the time of permanence in the bacteria proliferation temperature range, and increases the shelf-life of food. the quick drop in temperature also blocks water evaporation.
Blast chiller SKIN 2980 601Deep-freezing at -18°cIt makes months long conservation possible. the organoleptic properties, savour, aroma and aspect of food remain unaltered because of the micro-crystallization of water which prevents fibres from breaking apart.
Blast chiller SKIN 2980 601Rapid pre-chillingIt reduces the time of execution of programs by chilling the inner parts of the appliance before use.
Blast chiller SKIN 2980 601After cooking fast chillingIt is possible to accelerate the chilling process, down to the required temperature, without waiting for natural acclimatization.
Blast chiller SKIN 2980 601Quick chilling of beveragesThis program quickly chills up to six bottles of beverage to the required temperature.
Blast chiller SKIN 2980 6010°c conservationThis program is suitable to preserve food such as meat, fish or vegetables for a few hours before their preparation.
Blast chiller SKIN 2980 601-30°c raw food sanitizationBad conservation of seafood can cause health hazards due to contamination with anisakis, a parasite which can be eliminated with a deep-freezing at -30°c.
Blast chiller SKIN 2980 601Controlled defrostingThe program brings food from deep-freeze temperature to 1÷3°c without losing its liquids and without commencing its cooking, and thus avoiding the transformation of proteins which is brought on by the microwave.
Blast chiller SKIN 2980 601ThawingIt allows you to defrost foods in a third of the time through the uniform distribution of air at room temperature.
Blast chiller SKIN 2980 601Food regenerationThis program warms at proper serving temperature food which was pre-cooked and kept in the refrigerator.
Blast chiller SKIN 2980 601Slow cooking modeIt cooks at a constant temperature for a set time. Thanks to the limited evaporation of water from food, it allows the nutritional qualities and tenderness of the food to be kept intact.
Blast chiller SKIN 2980 601Controlled risingThis program creates a micro-climate with controlled temperature and humidity in which fermentation can take place in a perfect environment. by programming the duration, it is possible to reduce the quantity of yeast, and obtain a lighter and easier to digest food.


Code product2980601
ColoringBlack Mirror
Supply220-240V - 50Hz
Dimensions60x46 cm
Cooking chamber finishStainless steel
Max power300 W
ProgrammingElectronic self-cooking programming
Safetytemperature overload protection sensors
Operating temperatures+75°C / -30°C
Oven typeBlast chiller
Type of commandsTouch Control

Technical data


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