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Performance and Practicality

The weighty enamelled cast iron grid has extraordinary dimensions, with a working surface up to 50% bigger compared to a normal domestic cooker hob.

Metal Knobs

Exclusive and original the Foster metal knobs are an example of the strength and quality of the materials used. A distinctive feature shared by all the Foster elements in this collection, to form an elegant uniformity in the kitchen


The state-of-art european technology: high efficiency, power and precise control. The AE dual burner allows ultra-high and ultra-low temperatures thanks to two indipendent crowns of fire.

Safe Cooking

All Foster cooker hobs are equipped with safety valves. These shut off the gas supply very quickly if the flame accidentally goes out. The utmost freedom of movement it is guaranteed by the electronic under knob ignition that allows a one-hand movement.


Foster Milano Induction Rangetop 48” x 27” - 3170 900PowerboostBooster function provides increased power to the selected plate. In particular, when the Booster is activated, the plate works for ten minutes at a very high power that allows to heat quickly large quantities of water.
Foster Milano Induction Rangetop 48” x 27” - 3170 900Slider commandsThe Slider control allows for extremely quick temperature setting: with a light touch of the finger you may select the desired power level on the TOUCH display.
Foster Milano Induction Rangetop 48” x 27” - 3170 900Bridge zoneThe new hobs with Bridge function allow to associate two zones forming a single extended cooking zone for pots of large size, or for more than one cooking simultaneously, with maximum flexibility in pot positioning. With the additional Double Booster feature provided by all Bridge hobs, the exceptional 3700 W power can be concentrated on a single plate or made available uniformly over the enlarged area.
Foster Milano Induction Rangetop 48” x 27” - 3170 900Heat maintenanceFunction that allows the food to be kept warm gently (70° C), without reaching boiling temperatures or risking to burn the sauce.
Foster Milano Induction Rangetop 48” x 27” - 3170 900PauseUseful function that allows you to distract your attention from cooking, interrupting and restoring the settings immediately.
Foster Milano Induction Rangetop 48” x 27” - 3170 900RecallThis feature allows you to call back the last settings selected in the previous cooking.
Foster Milano Induction Rangetop 48” x 27” - 3170 900TimerIndipendent timer from the end-of-cooking function.
Foster Milano Induction Rangetop 48” x 27” - 3170 900SafetyAll electric cooker hobs feature the most modern and sophisticated safety protections: Centralised power-off function; Child-proof safety lock; Residual heat warning lights. Induction models feature the following functions: Safety System that turn off the hob in the absence of the pot; Overflow detector that automatically turns off the plate in case of liquid overflow; Automatic deactivation to prevent accidents caused by forgetfulness.


Code product3170900
Dimensions47 7/8” x 27 “
AISI 304 Stainless steel
Satin Finish
Induction cooker hob:
9 Power settings per zone + PowerboostBridge function
5 slider commandsT-chef function
Heating elementFive zones
Delay off timerPause and Recall
Light switchIndependent timer
Extractable oil collectorSecurity lock
Air OutletResidual heat light
Overflow detection
Power 1,900-2,200 W (3,400-3,900 Booster)4 Zones size 7×8″
Power 2.400-2.800 W (5.000-5.800 Booster)1 Zone size 7×10″
Electrical supply208-240V – 50/60 Hz
Optional accessories8210 008 Induction Pro Pot Set

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