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Technology & design

High energy efficiency

Foster offers a broad and modern selection of cooker hobs tailored to various space-related needs and implements special technological features in order to guarantee energy saving.

The new cooker hobs feature high-efficiency burners that ensure a cut in gas consumption up to 25%.

High efficiency burners (AE): saving 25%.

Thanks to the new AE burners (which stands for "Alta Efficienza", i.e. high efficiency), the new cooker hobs have a maximum efficiency rate of 69%. Furthermore the new item 7278 032 features a very high-power burner (5 kW).

III^ Series burners: saving 20%.

The new cooker hobs have III^ Series burners. Their efficiency is vastly superior to the dictates of the European standards, with an even more extensive min/max power ratio for the utmost flexibility of use. The system that locks the cover and burner cap in place achieves perfect positioning and makes cleaning extremely practical.

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