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Cleaning tips

Stainless steel products do not need any particular servicing. However, they do require a certain care and use of adequate detergents for daily cleang. By and large, all that's needed is to wash with hot water and soap, and thoroughly rinse and dry with a cloth.

Do not use: hydrochloric acid, abrasive powders, steel wool, brushes and products for cleaning silver.

When it comes to detergents for cleaning steel, Foster recommends the products in the "Steel Clean" line:

- all-purpose aerosol for daily cleaning use.

- microfiber cloth to wipe off traces of grease and powder.

- professional cream to restore the original splendour of the steel, remove scaling, stubborn dirt and rust marks caused by contact with ferrous materials.

Cleaning Tips
Immagine prodotto Nome articolo e codice
Steel Clean - crema Steel Clean - cream
detergent cream
for stainless steel.

cod: 8331 000
Steel Clean - panno microfibra

Steel Clean - microfiber
microfiber cloths for cleaning stainless steel.

cod: 8333 000

Steel Clean - spray multiuso

All-purpose detergent with

cod: 8332 000

Steel Clean - kit

Steel Clean - kit
Steel cleaning kit containing:
- 1 bottle of cream (250ml)
- 1 bottle of all-purpose fluid (500ml)
- 3 microfiber clothes

cod: 8339 000

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