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I've heard about "flush-mount" built-in or "flush" built-in for hob and sink. What does this mean?

The "flush-mount" built-in for hobs and sinks means an execution of the built-in recess in such a way that the frame of the appliance or sink lies flat (i.e. flush) with the worktop. It is a very elegant technical solution avoiding the typical step between appliance, or sink, and top. To achieve such a built-in solution it is required that the appliance or sink have the "flush-mount" edge: a feature for which Foster stands out as the market leader.

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I would like to buy a Foster flush-mount sink/hob. Do I have to respect special measures? Where can I find directions for the proper cut-out of the worktop?

Foster is a specialist in the flush-mount solutions. The sizes of Foster flush-mount products are carefully calibrated, and this avoids surprises during installation.
Our stores are certainly able to provide you with information and tips for proper cut-out/installation. The drawings for cut-outs are also present in the packing of these products, or you can easily download the specifications for the model of your interest in the product section.

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